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Forms and Required Documentation for Training:

To start flying today:

Fill out the Cirrus Training Profile

Submit a photo copy or picture of:

  • Driver’s License or State ID (front and back) and Birth Certificate
  • Passport (front and back)
  • Pilot Certificate (front and back)
  • Medical Certificate or BasicMed
  • All Endorsements (complex, most recent flight review, etc.)
  • Proof of Renters Insurance or Owner’s Aircraft Insurance
  • Current annual information ( for any aircraft used for training)

BasicMed Info



BaisicMed AOPA Course

FAA BasicMed Info Page

BasicMed FAA Comprehensive Medical Examination Checklist

BasicMed Frequently Asked Questions

All information can be emailed:

For more information call

(864) 990-5009

For photo copies please send as .jpeg, or .pdf attachment.

An application such as Microsoft Office Lens on your smartphone is a great way to capture images to send to us for inclusion into your account.

Renters Insurance

Aviation renters insurance covers the cost of your deductible in case if anything should ever happen. A list of some well-known insurance providers is below:

  • Southwest Aviation
  • EBCO Insurance
  • Avemco Renters Insurance
  • Travers Insurance
  • AIG Info for Renters Insurance

For a little extra information regarding insurance check out:

Aviation Consumer Insurance


Aviation Medical Examiners

For student pilots, in order to complete your very first solo flight, you will be required to obtain a Third Class Medical from an Aviation Medical Examiner. Listed below is just a few local to this area to help you get started! The examiners also require to fill out this application on Medxpress prior to your appointment.

William L. Eckstein MD – SENIOR AME $100.00
Plastic Surgery Clinic 2280 Perimeter Rd., Donaldson Airport Greenville, SC
Office: (864) 277-8777

Fitzwilliam King MD – SENIOR AME $100.00
Gateway Family Med 406 N. Poinsett Highway, Travelers Rest, SC 29690
Office: (864) 834-4151

John H. Leigh DO — AME
Mountainview Family Ptc. 406 Memorial Dr. Ext., Greer, SC 29651
Office: 864-877-9066

Call us or email us anytime to schedule a flight! or (864) 990-5009